Experiences with Link Laundering Sites

Recently Eli of BlueHatSeo.com revealed a technique known as link laundering. Eli does a great job at explaining this technique but in essence you create a shareware software directory. For authors to submit their program to your directory they must in turn link back to one of your sites. This does not have to be the directory. This in turn generates a great deal of back links, making promoting your real money making endeavors much easier.

Talking this advice to heart I decided to run with it. The biggest obstacle to clear now is getting my directory into the databases of directories. The Association of Shareware Professional offers a directory on their site. My first impression was that this must be the place to start.

As soon as the site went live, I submitted my directory for inclusion on their list. While their directory seems to be comprehensive hasn’t been updated since early January this poses a real problem – how to get authors to your site?

Having hit a brick wall I returned to blue hat. Within the comments of Eli’s post I posed the question: Where to now? Within minutes he pointed me to Dmoz (Duh) and Rudenko which has a software submission service and a shareware program to semi-automate submission to directories. With both of these directories your site may take weeks to months to get inclusion on. Until then we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Needless to say I BlueHatSeo.com has won me over as a loyal reader. Though posts aren’t daily Eli offers great new perspectives to SEO, in general. I love checking Netvibes and seeing that there is a new post there. It makes my day.

Update: After taking a few hours to get my site included in a few of the auto PAD submitting programs, I’ve received a few inclusions. This should pick up shortly.

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