Facebook as an Effective Marketing Medium


Recently, Markus and I launched a Valentines campaign on Facebook targeting students in the Central Florida area.

The offer was a typical cell phone dating offer,
which could potentially be very appealing to many desperate college students. Our budget was small but, our flier ran 10,000 times at the University of Central Florida, 2,500 times at Rollins College, 2,500 times at Valencia Community College, and 2,500 times at FullSail. As I had expected our click through ratio was surprisingly low. With a total of 17,500 impressions we received a slim 20 clicks which lead to zero conversions.

This is by no means conclusive evidence, obviously, in order to understand the full potential of Facebook as a targeted marketing medium testing will need to be done on a much larger scale.

Recently Rae also launched a similar Facebook campaign with 25,000 impressions. I look forward to seeing her results to see if maybe we can see a trend starting to form. Hopefully she will post them sometime soon :)

If time and money were not a factor I would love to run a 100,000/day impression campaign at each of these schools over a several week period. With this type of analytical data we should start to see a trend starting to form.

I see Facebook as being a great place to brand your company but don’t try advertising there if you are looking for conversions.

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