Has Google's Replacement Arrived?

Will a search engine named “Powerset” have the potential to dethrone the sleeping search giant? VentureBeat broke news that the San Fransisco based company has won the exclusive rights to a new search technology that may give Google a run for its money in the realm of search. This new technology, which was developed at Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in Silicon Valley, has been 30 years in the making.

Natural Language, as it has been coined, seeks to understand language and focuses on the meanings of words and how they relate to one another, not just rely on strong key word associations as many popular search engines do. Google has not taken “natural language seriously enough.” States Kaplan, PowerSet’s chief technology officer, instead “their orientation is toward shallow relevance, and they do it well.”

Powerset’s new technology has the potential to change the way people search. Instead of replying heavily on key words we may soon be able to ask search engine more complex questions such as “Who did IMB acquire in 1996?” The most exciting part is the technology has to potential to learn with time. VentureBeat revealed that Powerset’s core team now includes more than 40 employees, many of whom are well known in the realm of search.

Read the whole story at VentureBeat.com

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