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Since moving to Austin I have had a fascination with how internet service providers work. Not only is most of their pricing insanely confusing but most of the companies don’t disclose all the information they need to. To make a long story short I originally signed up with Time Warner Cable which has an extremely confusing website. When I order I was told I was getting their main HD tv package along with high speed internet through their RoadRunner package. I was told it was going to be around $80 monthly. I was cool with that.

When ordering I asked what DVR they were using and I would be provided with, because frankly the Scientific Atlantic DVR plan sucks. I was told they were not using any Scientific Atlantic products by the phone rep but when the installer got here, what do you know? He brings the Scientific Atlantic DVR that I hate. Now I have a good friend who has AT&T U-Verse and loves his DVR. The main thing that I like about his is the fact that it can skip forward instead of forwarding.

So when the installer got here I sent him back and canceled the TV service. Now I wish we had FiOS in our area because they are running some great Verizon FiOS deals but I don’t. That said I was left with the option of AT&T U-verse. It was time to really compare AT&T U-verse Vs Time Warner Cable and there wasn’t an easy solution until I stumbled on consumerbroadband.org. They have done the heavy lifting and compared the major internet service providers and made it easy for consumers to look at their options on one page. To me, this is epic.

As it currently stands I am still up in the air as to which service provider I am going to go with. There is a new WiMAX provider entering the area here in Austin. I think it is called “Clear” who knows, maybe I’ll give that a spin. Right now I am just using Netflix via xbox live.

Also check out this Comparison of Time Warner Cable and ATT Uverse along with a disgruntled former user of AT&T Uverse.

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