IMA? – Yes and No

Over the past year(s) I have gone through quite a growing phase. I’m starting to learn that as much as I love blogging there are numerous more effective uses of my time. However today. I thought I would update this long forgotten blog and drop a few links to some of the projects we are working on.

As of recent months I have been spending a large majority of my time working on affiliate offers and finishing up college. I graduate this summer from the University of Central Florida. The main affiliate offers I have been promoting are in sectors which do not come and go but are harder to gain traction in. One of these sectors is the Auto Loan industry. It has been pretty hard to get started but I am finally starting to see some return on the time investment.

As far as deep linking strategies go. I have been using social networks to help get my sites fully indexed. One of my sites has nearly 148k pages, so we are really pushing on getting them all indexed. For example you can create an Automotive Reading List on Grazr which can be used to syndicate your posts and help push some extra juice. As always any blogger should sign up for MBL, also known as my blog log. It is fairly effective, join a few groups, get a few friends and post your url. We also set up an Automotive blog log which has all of our most recently posts for one of our many auto loan sites. Hopefully these strategies paired with many that will remain unnamed (until later) will prove effective at getting large sites indexed.

All of this came about a few months ago when I came across a post about deep linking strategies to get new sites off the ground. Today I figured I’d give it a go but, the only issue is that I need a seed site which has some link juice to get started. That is where this old blog came into play. Who knows some day I may come back and start posting on this long neglected blog but until then. Enjoy :)

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