Practice What You Preach

I find it oddly awesome that CVS stocks Love Cuffs for Valentine's Day even if they look uncomfortable
Creative Commons License photo credit: benchiladaAs many may have noticed, my blog posts have seemed to have come to grinding halt. This is temporary, following Markus’s lead I decided to put down the pen and glasses and stop reading and writing blog posts, to inturn spend my time on actually putting my knowledge gained from blogs to good use. Do not get me wrong, there is definitely value in blogs, but there is only so much that one can learn from reading them. 1 ounce of experience is worth 100 pounds of theory. This said if you have intentions of practicing what you read, stop reading and do it.

More posts will be coming shortly. I Promise.

Until then, if you have a start up, you simply must check out Center Networks latest offer.

I subscribed to this feed a few months ago, boy is there some good stuff on here.

Thanks to CN, I will also be posting my review of TapeFailure shortly. So far it looks amazing.

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