Inaccurate SEO Class – Offered From Rice University

Thats right! You can now take a college course in SEO offered at Glasscock School of Continuing Studies as Rice University.
Information on the class can be found here SEO Class.

Topics will include the following:

  • Researching the competition
  • Analyzing and optimizing Web pages
  • Submitting pages to search engines
  • Monitoring search engine placement
  • Reporting and analyzing ranking results
  • Developing a reciprocal links list

Judging by the last topic I think this class would be well worth its weight in E-Gold for any aspiring web entrepreneur. “Developing a reciprocal links list

As a college student I prefer adjunct professors over full time professor, I find often they understand the ins and outs of the material better as they work in the field. In this case Professor Zaman needs to brush up on his skills SEO or the only thing his students will be ranking in is the supplemental results.

It also says:

[Professor Zaman] previously served as a Web master for The University of Texas Medical School at Houston

I hope Professor Zaman reads this because I would gladly reciprocal link with Rice University. :)

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