SugarSync: Data Backup and Syncing Has Never Been Easier

For those of you who haven’t been living under a rock, you know data backup is important. For those of you who have. This post is for you.

Have you ever accidentally deleted or over written a file? Sure who hasn’t! Don’t you wish you could go back and undo that mistake to get that term paper you lost? Now you can, thanks to SugarSync.

Essentially what this program does is backup your files to a secure server and syncs them with other computers. You might be thinking well I don’t have another computer. Well that is fine! SugarSync allows you to access your backed up files anywhere in the world with an internet connection! The best part is that it works in the background to back up your files when you aren’t using internet connection.

Another great feature SugarSync has is its ability to offer file revisions. This is simply wonderful. Never again worry about over writing a file. If you’ve backed it up you can always swap it out for the old file!

These are just a few of the features, but if you haven’t tried SugarSync, take a second to register for a free trial account! SugarSync will give you 2gb free FOREVER. So you really don’t have a reason NOT to try the product! Imagine the time you will save the next time you accidentally lose a file! It takes 5 minutes to get setup and will save you tons of time! (and the hassle of carrying your flash drive with you too). Sign up now!

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