The Year of the Mashups

Currently posted on there are 377 APis with 1538 mashups. This makes roughly 2.99 mashups submitted daily, this seems like an astonishing rate, although I understand their popularity. Many webmasters see this as an easy cash cow. Take two or more API’s made readily available by larger companies and put them together to make something useful. What a great idea, plug in Adsense and you are good to go. I too have been thinking of making a mashup, but more and more the web has become about setting yourself apart. With an already flooded market the question is how to set yourself apart to offer a truly unique service to the end-customer. With more API’s popping up daily it seems the list will keep on growing.

To check out the Mashups that have already been created visit: The Mashup Matrix.

Some useful mashups:

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