Zamzar – Convert Your Files Free

Converting from one file type to another can be tricky. Every webmaster has come across this problem at one point or another. Just moments after realizing the file is in the wrong format a query goes into Google “.XXX to .YYY Conversion.” Many times these niches are dominated by programs that offer that one need conversion for $14.99. This price is reasonable if you are going to be doing this conversion more than once, but in many cases I end up checking out SourceForge and VersionTracker to see if there is something free can get the job done.

Zamzar in all of its Web2.0 greatness, offers an all in one converter that you don’t even have to download to use. Its easy to use and its file format support is expanding at a rapid rate. Finally an answer to those pesky files that you just can’t seem to convert.

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